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The first alumna to start her career... at TADA!

Who are we?

TADA asbl is a Brussels learning network that contributes to the emancipation of youngsters from socially disadvantaged backgrounds via weekend schooling and an alumni network.

TADA motivates citizens and businesses to contribute to a more inclusive society. Join us to help TADA grow!

What do we do?

Through weekend schools and an alumni network, we enable our youngsters to get to know themselves and society better. Through various activities, we provide them with the necessary tools for self-development. To reach even more young people and engage adults, we are running a pilot project in which we are guiding schools to activate the network around their schools.

With the TADA Magazine and by strongly emphasizing partnerships, we give a voice to the many organizations and individuals contributing to a more inclusive society.

Annual reports

Want to learn more about TADA? Here, you'll find all our annual reports!

How can you support us?

Become a guest teacher

Share your expertise with youngsters at the weekend school or accompany them on excursions.

Become a Buddy

Coach a TADA youngster on a one-on-one basis by providing personal and academic support.

Organize an action

Support TADA by organizing a fundraising action on the occasion of a sports challenge, a waffle sale, a wedding, a birth…


By donating to TADA, you support our activities and make a difference for over 2000 young people from Brussels.


Alumnus of the 2019 generation
"TADA brought me a lot of happiness, a lot of joy and a lot of friends too. I learned a lot of things too and I hope I will pass them on to the new ones. My wish for TADA is that many new people will become interested in it. I'd like to thank TADA for everything they do!"
Alumnus of the 2014 generation and class coordinator
"What I appreciated about my journey at TADA was that they gave me the opportunity to have my own classroom. Not everyone receives this opportunity. I really liked that they asked me that. I was a permanent helper for a long time (at weekend school), I also work in the playgrounds with children. So I think my experience with children goes a long way."
Alumna of the 2018 generation
"TADA, it’s really an experience that I loved. It made me meet people I wouldn’t have met outside of TADA. And it also took me out of my comfort zone. If I can wish TADA anything, it's to continue to offer so many opportunities and activities for young people, because it really is a unique chance."
Alumna of the 2012 generation
"The memory that stays with me most from TADA is my work as a volunteer at the homework place. It's also a bit of what I want to do in the future: support young people as a psychologist. My wish for TADA is that it continues and grows, so that we can support more and more children, because it really helped me a lot with my choice of study and my personal development."
Alumnus of the 2012 generation
"TADA is great and we learn a lot there! We discover a new profession every month. For example, I now know what a chemist does, before I didn't know that this profession existed. At TADA we learn to ask questions, to collaborate, to be curious, to dare, to express our opinion, to no longer be shy, to be more disciplined, etc. All things that we don't necessarily learn at school."

Our impact

TADA reaches more than 2000 youngsters via the weekend school and the alumni network.
More than 9000 volunteers have participated in our weekend schools.
< 1%
Less than 1% of our alumni (with whom we are still in contact) leaves school early.
33 initiatives have been launched to act in favour of a more inclusive society and are directly inspired by TADA.
84 %
84% of our alumni stay in touch with TADA.

TADA Magazine

TADA Magazine is a digital magazine that tells inspiring stories with a clear connection to TADA.

Whether it’s alumni testimonials, partnerships with local businesses or volunteers, everyone works to improve inclusion.

The first alumna to start her career... at TADA!

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