What do we do ?

TADA offers more than 2,000 youngsters from vulnerable backgrounds in Brussels a network that coaches them intensively. With weekend schooling and an alumni network, TADA offers extracurricular activities where requirements are high and the well-being of the child is promoted. Through practical lessons given by professionals from a diversity of professions, adolescents discover themselves and society. 

Our three pillars

Weekend school (10-14 years old)

Every Saturday, more than 800 children discover a wide range of jobs via practical workshops voluntarily given by passionate professionals. By inspiring young people in a safe environment and broadening their future perspectives, we encourage them to stay motivated in school and believe in thelmselves. TADA focus on prevention, by intervening early on in the schooling of youngsters.

We organize our weekend school in 5 different branches in Brussels (in the municipalities of Molenbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Anderlecht and Schaerbeek.)

Alumni Network (14-18 years and over)

After 3 years at the weekend school, TADA youngsters join the alumni network, where they continue to receive support and opportunities necessary to become engaged citizens and contribute to society. Some help at TADA's weekend school, work as students or interns. Others join our partner organizations, create their own non-profits, and make their voices heard in the public space.

The alumni network now includes over 1200 young people.

Indirect impact through adults

TADA also increases its impact on society by raising awareness among a wider audience on the importance of a more inclusive society. We do this through sharing stories, inspiring education professionals to improve their work with vulnerable young people and involving citizens, businesses and other organizations to support vulnerable youngsters.

Our impact in numbers

More than 20,800 workshops have been organized since our beginnings.
84% of our alumni stay involved at TADA after 3 years at the weekend school.
33 initiatives have been launched to act in favour of a more inclusive society and are directly inspired by TADA.
> 9000 volunteers have participated in the weekend school.
TADA reaches more than 2000 youngsters via our weekend school and alumni network.

Why is TADA necessary?

Educational inequalities are significant in Belgium, particularly for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or immigrants. In Brussels, the situation is alarming: many children are growing up in precarious conditions.

Young people who leave school without a secondary school diploma often find themselves long-term unemployed. Since the corona crisis, the gap has widened further in Brussels between youngsters from vulnerable backgrounds and others, making initiatives such as TADA crucial for the support and future of these young people.

Activities organised by TADA

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Annual accounts

Our annual accounts are published in complete transparency on Donorinfo.

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